• Design sketch of the tree of life

Tree of Life

I came up with this idea, as a gift item from their families, for some good friends that were getting married. One of the recipients is a fellow outdoorsman and an arborist. I felt that with this piece it was melding both families in the form of the union and in their love of the outdoors. The frame was made from reclaimed western cedar that I salvaged from a house in Wall Twp. It’s 20×20″ and inside old pallet boards are inset into the frame. I sketched my design and started cutting little pieces of old pallets to form the tree. I slowly built up the shape onto the gray pallet backer boards after the form was complete. The frame was stained and finished with a hand rubbed boiled linseed oil finish. It was a complete surprise for my friends and was given as a gift from both families to them when they were married in 2013.

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