Upcycled chalk/cork boards

Here are two upcycled wine cork/chalk boards that I made. I first started making these a few years ago when I got some chalkboard paint. I thought that the ideal message board would include both an area to pin notes or ideas, business cards, and an area to write notes. I tried to find natural reclaimed slate but in turn found that it was really expensive and not easy to cut. So I used paint on salvaged luan plywood.

The surface area of both these boards is 12×24″. The gray colored one is made with reclaimed eastern white-cedar that was left with its natural patina. This wood was salvaged from the roadside in Medford at a fence company. The brown one is made from reclaimed western red-cedar, which was salvaged from a house in Wall Twp. where it used to be a deck. Wood was stained a brown color and finished with linseed oil.

If you’re looking for a custom made reclaimed wood cork chalk board, then please don’t hesitate to contact me!