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With reclaimed I strive produce high quality, hand crafted products. All the products I make are from wood that I find. Most wood is found while traveling throughout the state on land and by boat. Common places where wood is found include roadsides, dumpsters, construction sites, high marsh areas, and even at many local businesses (mostly pallets). Since Superstorm Sandy hit the coast of New Jersey, there has been a huge amount of debris that was created from the many homes and businesses that were damaged or destroyed. I have collected wood from a few homes (where I had permission) and locations that were flooded or the debris collected (during watershed cleanups).

I guarantee all of my work…for life.

All of my frames are hand made in my small 80+ year old work shop that has no bells and whistles. It’s heated by a wood stove during the winter, so no wood goes to waste! I stand behind all my products and do not sell anything that I myself would not like to own and display in my own home. I guarantee all of my work…for life. If a problem arises with a piece I made for you or you bought, please contact me.

I ship nationwide via UPS and USPS and have never had glass break (knock on wood) during shipment.


  • Pre-made frames (offered in most standard sizes)
  • One of a kind Jersey cutouts
  • Custom made frames (in odd sizes; to fit your art)
  • Upcycled wine cork boards & cork/chalk
  • Driftwood sculptures
  • Framed mirrors
  • Salvaged wood sculptures
  • Home goods (tables, shelves, coasters, etc…)
  • and more!


  • Custom framing
  • Interior accent wall design/build/install
  • Custom made indoor and outdoor signs
  • Responsible de-construction and material reuse/recycling during home demolition, remodeling, new construction
  • Recycling/reusing/reducing wood and other debris at demolition and construction sites
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To buy online, check out my shop on Etsy.

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