Newborn Bed

This is the first bed I’ve ever made. I figure, start small and move up. The tiny bed is suited for newborns. Not for sleeping in, but for being photographed in by Jay & Sandi Cassario of Cass Imaging. Jay and I met around a year ago and have done some landscape shooting before.  I contacted Jay to utilize his services for a gift for a family member. We agreed to barter and I ended up making this bed for them to use for their newborn portrait photography. They are really talented and have a good eye for capturing some awesome portraits of people.

About the bed. It’s made from old fence made from Atlantic white-cedar, one of my favorite types of reclaimed wood. This wood was debris from Superstorm Sandy. It used to be a standing fence at my brother-in-law’s house in Tuckerton. After Sandy the 6′ sections were tossed throughout his yard like toothpicks. The bed is 15×26″ overall. The bed size is 13×22″ or big enough for a newborn. I have two kids and I can’t remember how big they were when born, but I think they would fit in this.