Jersey Cutouts

The first Jersey cutouts I made were in December 2012 after fan from my Facebook page asked if I could make her one. I grabbed some boards and made a design for the sign. I brought them to my dad’s workshop at his house in Manahawkin and then cut a few out with his very old scroll saw. I lightly sanded the edges and some were stained and some were left natural. I posted photos of them to my page and they instantly became a hit! Since then I’ve bought my own scroll saw and made hundreds of cutouts! I really loved making them since it used up a lot of wood that I just had that was sitting around, so it was a meaningful way to use wood that would have otherwise been sent to local landfills. Some I’ve made were from boards a salvaged after Sandy along the shoulder of Rt 72. Those boards were the remains of “The Shack” on Bonnet Island.