Pristine: The Mullica River and its Tributaries

Something came to mind last week. After starting the day before dawn at a primitive boat ramp on the Bass River, I became engrossed in the awe of the scenery that surrounded me. It was flat calm. Cloudy, but no wind. I scoped out an eagle nest I’m monitoring for Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ and while watching the nest the adult called out to its mate. That scene stuck and made me think.

The Mullica River and Great Bay Watershed are one of the most pristine in the Northeast. Living in New Gretna, the river is practically in my backyard. I’ve known this for a while but now I really want to capitalize on this. For the next year I plan to photograph the many tributaries and scenes of the Mullica. Then, maybe I’ll frame and hang them somewhere…

Some aspects that I want to capture:

  • Rivers, Creeks, & Bay
  • Freshwater & Brackish
  • Tides: high, low and their influence
  • Sunrise/Sunset
  • Day/Night
  • Change of Seasons
  • Vegetation
  • Fish & Wildlife
  • Weather
  • People