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Winter’s Spendor

One thing that I really want to do this year is show more of my personal photography. It’s always been here, but I hardly ever share it and the stories behind the images. My buddy Greg Molyneux, a south jersey landscape photographer does a great job at telling the stories behind his photos. There’s always […]

The Shack: revisited

In 2012 & ’13 I made a limited edition series of jersey cutouts from the salvaged remains of the Shack. From making all the #200 cutouts I saved all the scrap pieces of wood. Today I began to rework those scrap pieces for an award and a piece that will be donated as an auction […]

Preparing for The Makers Fest

It’s the beginning of my favorite time of year and it’s truly the time when I’m the most productive. Warm days lead to cool evenings, which make woodworking bearable. Working in my 80+ year old shop isn’t too pleasant when high temperatures are in the 90s, but sometimes it’s a must. Over the past few […]