The Shack: #182



The shack still lives on! From the wood that I salvaged with my dad in the months following Superstorm Sandy, I’ve made a total #188 wood cutouts in the shape of New Jersey. The goal was to raise funds to support non-profits who were engaged in post-Sandy relief efforts in South Jersey.

Today, much of the wood that is left is in the form of scrap pieces which I intend to use to make a very limited run of 2.0 pieces, like this. A few remaining large boards (that couldn’t be made into Jersey cutouts) went to Ship Bottom Brewery and are on display there, including a very cool piece that still had the nails (and piece of the flag) which held the American flag on the front of the building, as pictured here.

Enough of the boring history stuff. You probably want to know where you can get your piece of the shack! This Saturday, August 5th, there will be a party and charity fundraiser, hosted by Jonathan Carr of Weather NJ, to benefit the Long Beach Island Foundation of the Arts & Sciences (LBIF). I donated #182 to be offered as a silent auction item. “The goal of Fun(d) the Foundation is to raise funds for the LBIF through an evening of quality local food & beer, fine arts, and live music during a peak summer night. The entire event is graciously orchestrated through Weather NJ.” 

Tickets for Fun(d) the Foundation are only $50 and includes high-quality and locally sourced food, craft beer, fine wine, live music and artwork at LBIF. Sounds like a great event, all while benefiting LBIF’s art and science programs on Long Beach Island!

I’m happy to support Weather NJ’s fundraising efforts for LBIF through my work (I also donated a large reclaimed wood mosaic Jersey cutout to the auction). I know how much they care about what they do and it shows. I hope you can attend the event for your chance to win a piece of the shack and support LBIF! If not, then stay tuned for news on production of the 2.0 series using scrap pieces of the shack. I am planning to start work on a group of these that will be done in time for the holidays this year.