Good to be Back

Any woodworking shop creates a lot of scraps and sawdust. I use or give away both. Most of my scraps get stored in buckets for later use (you never know when the perfect piece might come in handy!). Sawdust goes into my compost or to a friend, who uses it in his kiln firing on LBI. Any leftover scraps that can’t really be used and pile up get burnt in my fire pit or wood stove, depending on the time of year. My shop is really a zero waste shop.

These are two Jersey cutout that I made for a custom order. Really only one was ordered but I made two in different sizes for them to choose from. I know the other will sell since most times they sell as soon as I post to Instagram, but I’m saving the other for my only late summer/fall event: The Makers Festival in Manahawkin at Beach View Farms on September 19.

It’s good to back working in my shop. Being creative with my woodworking is what I love to do. 🙂

24" reclaimed wood Jersey cutout.

24″ reclaimed wood Jersey cutout.

20" reclaimed wood Jersey cutout.

20″ reclaimed wood Jersey cutout.