Scrap wood mosaic jersey cutout [inverse]

20″ Jersey cutout of an old pine board. Salvaged in West Creek

Nice to get some time between custom orders to work on some of my own creations. I usually do this when I’m warming up my shop do some gluing. I had this white painted board that was leftover from making a dog cutout. It had some imperfections so I couldn’t use it to make a dog but I could use to make another inverse cutout. I grabbed one of the largest NJ templates I have and traced it on. Perfect fit! I also used this to try out some new techniques for finishing these with clean edges. Instead of putting a shelved edge on the outside I install wood strips on the back side to give the edges a clean look. For now I’ve left them natural in color but in the future I might paint them. The strip hides the edges of the scrap wood that I put on the back. 

I’m planning to make more cutouts like this over the next month. I really can’t wait until it warms up. It’s been so cold and hard to work in my shop…

Keep an eye for this to be listed in my Etsy shop soon!