A series of eight

I can’t believe how much my work has changed over the past 7 years. Heck, I can’t even believe I’ve had my business for almost seven years now! Crazy how fast time slips by. I stopped by my brother’s house yesterday and saw a frame I made for him as a gift back in 2008. My miters aren’t perfect. The borders are off. But back then it was the thought that counted. As my dad engrained in me, making a gift was much more meaningful then buying something that someone else made. That ideal has stuck and is my way of like now. I now have extreme high attention to detail. If it doesn’t look good then I burn it or keep it for myself! After loosing my dad late last year, I really hope to embrace all of the things that I ever learned from him in the past 35 years that I knew him.

With one of my latest projects I’m making this really awesome series of eight 11×15″ frames out of old reclaimed cedar. They feature a double thick frame with the ever-awesome shelved edge. After seeing my old ’08 frame I instantly thought, wow, I’ve come along way!

Handcrafted 11x15" reclaimed cedar frame

Handcrafted 11×15″ reclaimed cedar frame