2014: My Top Shots

2014 was a year that I’ll never forget. Here are my top twelve photographs that I made this year. As I look forward I hope to experiment more with film.

Old Forge Cedar Swamp

Old Forge Sunset. © Ben Wurst

Fire & Ice.

Fire & Ice. © Ben Wurst


Whisper. © Ben Wurst

Bodine Field.

Bodine Field. © Ben Wurst

Mullica River Sunrise.

Mullica River Sunrise. © Ben Wurst


Blur. © Ben Wurst


Reed. © Ben Wurst

Dock Road terrapin.

Dock Road terrapin. © Ben Wurst

Osprey: Framed

Osprey: Framed. © Ben Wurst

Otter House Milky Way.

Otter House Milky Way. © Ben Wurst


Rest in Peace, Dad. © Ben Wurst


Kaitlin. © Ben Wurst


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    • Ben Wurst
      Ben Wurst says:

      Thanks, Greg! Appreciate the feedback! Darn autocorrect screwed up my photo caption for the Mullica River as (Mulch River). The one of Kat & Reed on our front porch is definitely one my all time favs! 🙂

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