Custom framed art by Matt Burton!

I had the pleasure of framing up some original artwork by local artist, Matt Burton from m.t. Burton Gallery in Surf City, LBI. I’ve known Matt for years. We first met when I was attending Ocean County College, back in 2000! I had him for a ceramics course, which was held at LBIF. At the time I had no idea that I would be framing some of his awesome artwork later on in life! So cool!!

For these pieces they were framed in reclaimed cedar. A staple piece of hardware here at reclaimed! These boards were salvaged after Sandy from my brother-in-laws house in Tuckerton, whose property was damaged by the storm. Basically all of his nice cedar fence was trashed (just this past weekend he told me that one of his fence panels was still stilling on a piling at a house four doors away…I might go get it!). I salvaged all the panels. I used almost all of it. I have a few panels left to use… The glass is a nice reflection free type. Mat and foamcore are 100% acid free. These pieces will be for sale at the exhibition listed below.

The work below is for a special show, “Painted Poetry” which is a unique combination of artist and poets who inspired each others work. They each created new work through from another artist. One poet for one artist. Pretty cool stuff!!

The exhibit is on display at the Ocean County Library, LBI Branch from August 1st through the 30th. There’s a special reception on Wednesday, August 20 at 6pm where you can meet the artists and hear readings of the poetry from 7-8pm.

Fine art by local artist Matt Burton; framed in reclaimed cedar.

Fine art by local artist Matt Burton; framed in reclaimed cedar.


Original artwork by Matt Burton. Framed in reclaimed cedar.