Lines on the Pines

Today I’ll be at Lines on the Pines, a Pine Barrens related event, which I have been honored to be invited to over the past few years! It is a very diverse event that is well juried, meaning no junk made in China! It features artists, photographers, authors, and fellow craftsmen/women who live (or work) within the Pines. I’m happy to be classified as a “Piney!” I don’t live deep in the Pines but on the edges in New Gretna, which is considered a Pinelands Village. I started this small business after moving to New Gretna, and converted an old garage into my wood shop.

I’ll have a pretty new collection of pre-made reclaimed picture frames in all the standard sizes from 5×7-16-20, some framed landscape photography of mine, Jersey cutouts, salvaged wood trees, a couple wine cork boards, and a few driftwood trees. The event runs from 11-4pm and is located at Kerri Brooke Caterers in Hammonton. Hope to see you there!