Reclaimed cedar jersey cutout – Sandy debris

I’ve added a new size to my jersey cutout line – a 20″ version. It’s made from an old cedar fence, which I found this past May while conducting a watershed cleanup in Little Egg Harbor (no doubt it’s debris from Sandy). I found around 3-4 sections of fence. I haven’t used much of it. I took two boards and joined them together. I then planed the boards, traced on the shape of Jersey and then cut it out with a scroll saw. The edges were then lightly sanded with 100 grit sandpaper and I installed a keyhole on back. Then I did a final sanding with 220 grit paper. It’s getting finished with tung oil and a boiled linseed oil/beeswax finish.

20" tall jersey cutout that's made from reclaimed cedar.

20″ tall jersey cutout that’s made from reclaimed cedar.