Reclaimed pallet table

I was asked to help finish a table using reclaimed wood. It was made by a client out of 3/4″ plywood, 1-bys, and pine legs. It’s solid and is countertop height. It’s 96×48″.

To finish the table I sourced quality pallets that were made with hardwood, mostly oak. I had a few but found more at a local lumber dealer. I painstakingly removed the oak boards and nails then planed them many times to get them down to a 1/2″ in thickness.

After planing I ripped and cut them to length. First I glued and nailed boards on the edge. I put them on so the legs can come off for easy transport. Then I starting attaching boards on the table top. I planned on putting in a diamond inlay in the table top. I cut some pieces of reclaimed black walnut and formed the diamond. After figuring out the size and position of the diamond I started glueing and nailing down boards. When I got to the center I cut the angles of the oak by hand with my scroll saw.

My wife gave me the idea for the diamond inlay. I wanted to use different types of wood to give it more depth. The table was then sanded and prepped for stain.

I’m headed out on a week long backpacking trip (to the Adirondacks) and plan to stain and finish it when I get back.