Porch: repurposed

If you’ve been following my site, then you might have seen that I refinished my front porch last summer. The old tongue and groove floorboards that used to be on my porch had tons of old chipping paint, and I wanted to have a porch you could actually walk on without tracking around paint. I ended up using a reclaimed western red cedar as the new floor. The old pine floorboards were salvaged and stored in my workshop.

For a recent custom order a client requested I use the old pine floorboards to make frames for artwork. The boards were planed several times to remove the old paint. The boards were then ripped to 1 3/4″ wide and a rabbet was installed in the groove of the boards. The lengths were cut to the exact dimensions and then joined with a joiner, wood biscuits and wood glue. After drying they were sanded and then stained a natural color to bring out the grain of the wood. Finally, a protective coat of an Eco-friendly, hand rubbed, boiled linseed oil & beeswax finish was put on the frame.

I really love the clear grain of this wood. As you can see it makes for some beautiful frames! If you’re remodeling your old porch, please look me up before sending the wood to the dump!