Reclaimed yellow pine frame

This week I wrapped up another custom frame order. This one was from a return customer who wanted me to use the same type of wood, a reclaimed tongue & groove yellow pine floorboard. The wood was from my old porch, which I restored and updated with a reclaimed western red cedar last summer.

First I had to plane the boards to remove the many years of old paint, then I ripped the boards to 1 3/4″ wide, cut a rabbet, and then cut the boards to the length specified by the customer. After getting them to the size desired then I used a joiner to cut hidden grooves in the miter joints and used wood biscuits and wood glue to hold the corners together. The two frames were clamped and left over night. After 24 hours I unclamped the frames and then sanded them with 100 and 220 grit sandpaper. Finally, the frames were stained a really light “natural” color, which brings out the natural wood grains in the wood and gives it a nice warm feel. They were then finished with a boiled linseed oil & beeswax finish.