Reclaimed “shack” wood news!


I’m currently wrapping up production of the third batch of jersey cutouts made from reclaimed “shack” wood. I’ll be sending out an email to everyone who has expressed interest in these limited edition cutouts this week with information on when they will go on sale in my Etsy shop. There will be two sizes available: 40 of the standard size and 5 of the large size. In my email I’ll also include information on future event and auctions where you will be able bid on large versions of them, like at m.t.burton Gallery Artists for a Shore Cause on June 1st & Jersey Shorefest in Harvey Cedars on June 22nd.

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  1. Dawn Swale
    Dawn Swale says:

    Hi! I was having dinner with a friend last night and when the conservation turned to LBI she mentioned you and the shack. I’ve loved that shack since my first trip to the island and would love a piece of what was a major part of my families’ beach experience. Please tell me how I can purchase your art. And thank you for allowing the shack to live on.

    • Ben Wurst
      Ben Wurst says:

      Hey Dawn, Thanks so much for the comment and praise for saving the shack! I am in the home stretch for completing the 3rd batch which will go on sale shortly. I’ll be announcing the news to folks who sign up on my “shack” news mailing list:

      There will also be a few at some local auctions that I will also announce to people on my mailing list. I am trying to meet demand but I know the amount I am making will fall way short, so I am also working on other items made from reclaimed shack wood. Stay tuned!

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