“Tree of Life”

I really like it when I can let my creative juices flow. Lately, I’ve been in more of a “high production mode” of sorts…especially with how popular some the Jersey cutouts have been, which I’m making from wood debris cause by Superstorm Sandy. This project, however, was different. I was contacted by the parents of some really good friends (who were getting married) and they wanted to give them a piece of mine as a wedding gift. They weren’t sure what, so I offered a couple things: a large framed print, a large driftwood tree, or a “Tree of Life” wall hanging. As you can see, they chose the tree of life! It was given to them both sets of parents at their rehearsal dinner and it symbolizes the joining of the two families. I really hope they enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. Best wishes Lauren & Rory!! -Ben

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