Reclaimed “Shack” wood cutouts

I’ve been slowly working on the third batch of jersey cutouts made from reclaimed “shack” wood. They are cut out of the old pine wallboards from the old hunting shanty on the Rt. 72 Causeway to Long Beach Island. The old shack was destroyed by Superstorm Sandy and in December I happened to search a big debris pile along side the road and found the remains of the shack. Wood from the shack was all over the place and I had no idea I’d find it there. I consider myself lucky to have found it since debris removal trucks had moved into the area to clean up the site.

This will be a batch of 40 and will go on sale in early May. To get notified when they go on sale please sign up on my mailing list here. 20130405-151845.jpg

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  1. Ellen Vetromile
    Ellen Vetromile says:

    Hey Ben,

    I’m crazy about these cut outs & really really
    Want to get one … I’m on your mailing list for
    Notification of when they are ready for sale.
    I hope I can get one this time around .
    Enjoy the day ( I Love Key West too)
    Ellen Vetromile

    • Ben Wurst
      Ben Wurst says:

      Hey Ellen, thanks for signing up on the mailing list and following my blog/website here! I hope to try and somewhat meet demand by making as many as I can. I have a few more to make then they’ll all be ready for sale. Stay tuned!


  2. Diane Mariani
    Diane Mariani says:

    Wow!! Just read article about your work in the Star Ledger…beautiful. Signed up for notification of “Jersey” cut-outs. Can’t wait to own one! Know many who would love one also. Wish you much success!

  3. edward Wysocki jr
    edward Wysocki jr says:

    Hey Ben, We lost a house in Ortley Beach but are going to rebuild. Cannot think of a better piece of wall art to hang in the new house………actually want two !!!!!!!!

  4. Mike
    Mike says:

    Ben – I’m 55 and my parents first rented in Harvey Cedars when I was a little tike of just 10 years old. We rented in Beach Haven after that every year for 2 weeks for decades. I got to know the island like the back of my hand before I had my driver’s license. My cousin Eddie moved to the island with his family when we were in our teens. We fished like maniacs. Over the years, we came to think of the Shack as all of ours, even though we were just renters. When my daughter came along 17 years ago, as we’d drive by, she’d always be looking forward to seeing the Shack. Once we even stopped and she slogged out to it and stood next to it for a picture. Last Fall I came down for what was to be the last striper fishing trip of the season, due to Superstorm Sandy, and I knew the storm was going to do damage, and the little slumping tired old Shack might not survive. So, I pulled over and snapped a quick shot with my junky cell phone. That picture is probably one of the last shots taken of the Shack, as we left the island when the winds had picked up, just a couple days before Sandy slammed the Jersey coast, and swept so much of our beloved LBI clean. Now, only pilings remain where the Shack once proudly stood. I have the memories of it in its hey day, and then its slow decay, and now I have a fuzzy, grainy snapshot of it about 24 hours before it’s demise! I can’t wait to hear that I made it onto the list to get a hold of a pice of the ol Shack. I’ll proudly pass it on to my daughter so she can keep the memory alive well into the future. You are doing a great thing for all of us Ben. Way to go!!

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