Giant cork board!

I recently had the pleasure of making a huge cork board for a friend who got it as a gift from her mom for her wedding shower. She had talked to me about what she wanted me to make and even drew up a diagram showing the measurements of how big she wanted it to be. The whole time she thought I was making it for her to use at her wedding but her mom had reached out to me and wanted me to make it for her as a surprise, and to give to her ahead of the wedding at her shower. Well, her shower was this past weekend so I can now share some photos of it.

This thing is gigantic (inside dimensions = 36×24″) and it took up my whole dining room table! The frame is made from old western red-cedar decking that I salvaged from a home in Wall, NJ. The plywood backing board was trash picked from the roadside in Surf City, NJ and the corks were collected by family, friends, and other earth friendly folks. The corks were glued down to the backer board with wood glue and it was not easy laying them all out in the frame! It was stained a dark brown and finished with a hand rubbed boiled linseed oil and beeswax finish. Three coats of chalkboard paint ensure it won’t rub off any time soon and can always be touched up in the future. I really hope she enjoys it! 🙂