East Coast Rising

Limited edition shack wood jersey cutout #50.

This weekend there is a special event taking place in Loveladies, New Jersey. The event, East Coast Rising, is fundraising event that’s being put on by Jetty to screen a short documentary about Hurricane Sandy and to raise money to support their Jetty + Waves 4 Water Sandy Relief Efforts in the Long Beach Island area. Among other things there will be a silent auction at the event to help critical funds to support their charity work. I thought it would be appropriate to donate one of my jersey cutouts made from a piece of the “shack” that I salvaged. I made this cutout (#50 of #60) special for this event. It’s unlike all others that I’ve made. It’s nearly twice the size of all the others. If you missed out on past batches and want to get your hands on one, then this is your chance! When writing this I just noticed that all tickets for the event have sold out!! So, what I’m going to do is list one on eBay that you can bid on it and then I’ll donate 50% of the proceeds to the Jetty + Waves 4 Water Relief Efforts.