Got old decks?

I must say, making jersey cutouts has been quite fun. I’ve utilized a bunch of random pieces of salvaged wood and cleared up space for more wood in my workshop! 😉

Reclaimed skateboard deck turned into art.

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  1. Kevin Van Horn
    Kevin Van Horn says:

    love your work, as always. Any update on requirements for mailbox specs? Also, how about a negative space jersey cut out. Or course some time my brain speaks even if those words don’t really make sense. Idea would be a jersey cutout but keeping the board not the cutout?

    Very truly yours,

    Kevin Van Horn Premier Real Estate, Inc.

    • Ben Wurst
      Ben Wurst says:

      Thanks Kevin!! I’ve been too busy to look into the mailbox specs, so thanks for reminding me!! haha

      I have loads of negative space jersey cutouts, but most get scrapped for kindling, except for the shack wood cutouts. My friends have also mentioned selling the negative space ones. Maybe I’ll have to try and preserve some. At least jersey is fun to cutout. Just imagine if I were living in Colorado…


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