Custom framed small prints

Oh the irony… The same day, December 22nd, I set out to salvage wood debris that was once the old “Shack” on the LBI Causeway Bridge I got a last minute job to frame these for a friend to give to his mom for Xmas. I managed to salvage a whole truck load of wood as grappler trucks from out-of-state were clearing debris from where I found the remains of the shack. I lucky to save a large amount of wood before the trucks came and took it all away. The shack is officially gone now. It’s headed to a landfill or incinerator. At least the wood that I got will be cherished by those who always admired the shack, including a lot of other artists and photographers, like Sharon Tushup, who took the photos that I framed.

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  1. Ryan
    Ryan says:

    Do you have any shack wood left? I’d love to buy a frame or get one made. Even of you don’t have shack wood left I am interested in getting a custom frame made 24 by 20. thanks.

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