Etsy Spotlight: Reclaimed cedar box

I like to make small items that are different from frames, so I’ve made some small boxes in the past. I’d make more of these if I had more time. I made my first small box to hold a gift for my wife before we were married. It was also adorned with a bay scallop shell. My second box was also for my wife. I made it to hold an engagement ring… I sold box number three at an event on LBI last year.

This box is number four. It’s made from salvaged cedar from an old shed that I salvaged from my friend’s house in Barnegat Light. I rehabbed the shed and its now in use in my backyard. I widened the doors and the scrap Atlantic white-cedar I kept to make small boxes. This one is 4x3x3″. Its hinge is also reclaimed and from old window blinds I got.

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Small reclaimed cedar box topped with a bay scallop.