Pinky Shrimp’s picnic table salvage

Well, I was giving the opportunity to salvage some old picnic tables and I jumped on it. The tables were used at Pinky Shrimp’s Seafood Co. on Long Beach Island for outdoor eating. I didn’t know what they were made of, whether it was treated pine, pine, or cedar until I got there to grab the tables. I’m saving all ten picnic tables. They’re all cedar tables, which is awesome! Cedar is my favorite wood to work with. If I wouldn’t of grabbed the tables then they would have been cut up and tossed in the dumpster and dumped in the local landfill, taking up valuable space. Wood isn’t like plastic or some other waste items. Wood can be reused or repurposed and turned into “upcycled” items, like artwork, furniture, picture frames, and more! This is my way of reducing our impact on the environment and why I started this business!

Once I get them all off-loaded from the trailer, I plan to disassemble most of them. I’m going to keep one for myself.