Porch remodel: reclaimed style

So I used some vacation time (from my day job) this week. Instead of taking off to do nothing or spend a bunch of money traveling, my wife and I took time off to work on projects around the house and to go to the beach with family that were in town. Well, mainly I took the time off to finally get around to remodeling our front porch on our bungalow style house that was built in the 30s.

After stepping on chipping white paint since we we opened up the front in 2009 it was time to remove and replace the floor. For the new floors I used some reclaimed western red cedar that I got from a homeowner in Wall Twp. that was remodeling his deck. I’m sure he’s glad that his old deck isn’t sitting in a landfill!

Today I plan to work on putting in a few more deck boards to hopefully finish up the porch. The final step will be to redo the front steps with reclaimed cedar.