500 Facebook fans!!

Facebook fan appreciation upcycled wine cork board. © Ben Wurst

My Facebook page hit 500 fans over the weekend. I am having an ongoing contest to “get more likes” by awarding a random fan with one of my products when i hit the milestones of 500, 750 & 1000. I made a cork board especially for the winner at 500 likes. It’s a small wine and champagne cork board (actual cork board is ~ 7×7″) that’s framed in reclaimed pine from a not-so-old but trashed futon bed frame (the wood was still good!!) I got from the S. Ocean County Habitat for Humanity store. The wood was stained a dark brown color and finished with two coats of hand rubbed linseed oil and beeswax finish.

Picking a winner wasn’t easy. FB doesn’t make it easy to export data on your fans. I could only grab their names and then paste them into a text editing program. I then put them into Numbers on my Mac so I can associate a number for each fan. I then asked my wife to pick a number between 1-500. She picked 126, the month (12) and day (6) that we were married! I went down the list and number 126 was Anita Leather from Lakewood, NJ. I shipped out the cork board today, so she should get it tomorrow. Congratulations Anita!