Reclaimed cedar decking

A couple days while browsing through local Craigslist ads I came across a listing for old cedar decking. I always check out listings on CL b/c you never know what you mind find and this was a great find! A homeowner in Wall Twp. was remodeling his deck and getting rid of all the old western red cedar decking, railing, posts, etc. I got a huge amount of wood! It took up my whole pickup bed and a 5×8′ utility trailer. Luckily I was able to haul pretty much all of the wood. It took me 2 hours to cut and load the wood and 2 hours to get to and from the site. Not a bad deal for more than 400 sq. ft. of decking plus all the other pieces!

Overall the majority of the wood is in pretty decent shape considering its 14 years old. I wouldn’t use it on a deck you walk on but for custom framing and furniture it’s PERFECT!! I can already see some custom framed mirrors, coffee tables, entertainment centers, and more that will be made from this wood.

Misc. cedar trim boards, balusters, and short sections of decking.

A big pile of 5/4″ western red cedar decking.

Back at my house the next day…. Not a bad haul!!