Etsy spotlight: Reclaimed framed mirror

This is an ongoing series of posts dedicated to featuring items for sale in my Etsy shop. Mirrors are the most popular search term that brings traffic to my shop. Whether I sell them or not, it still brings in traffic!

This mirror was given to me by a friend who was renovating his house (so even the mirror is reclaimed!). The wood frame was constructed from wood I salvaged from my friends 1920s style saltbox style house in Barnegat Light. He was renovating and all the interoir walls were covered with knotty tongue & groove cedar. I took as much as I could, which was most of everything including the trim, an interior wood door, some other moldings, shelves, an old coat rack, and more. The frame was joined using wood biscuits and wood glue. It was lightly sanded with 100 & 220 grit sandpaper and stained Ipswich Pine. It was finished with two coats of Tried & True Original Wood Finish, a hand rubbed linseed oil & beeswax finish. It took some more time but came out great and it’s totally eco-friendly. I’m planning on switching over to all water based stains and natural finishes for all my frames shortly.

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