What’s new: coasters and a table top

I’ve been pretty busy lately. Art & Decor at Surf City is now open on weekends now on Long Beach Island. Last weekend my largest item for sale there sold (a 4×3′ framed mirror) and another customer came in looking for a the same mirror with a lighter finish. I’ve also been working on a large table. It’s my first table and I’m making it for some friends. Today I spent a couple hours planing the edges of the boards using a jointer at the wood shop in Southern Regional High School (where I went to school). I had help from my friend Morgan, who works as an auto shop teacher there, helped me guide the boards in the jointer and lay them out to make sure they all meet the final dimensions. It’s coming along…next is to glue and clamp the boards, then apply stain and the final finish.

I’ve also been working on other small items to sell at events, like these coasters below, that are made from old cedar fence slats. My next event is this weekend on Earth Day at the Atlantic County Utilities Authorities (ACUA) Earth Day festival. This will be my first outdoor event and the forecast isn’t looking good. We’ve been experiencing drought like conditions for all of April and rain is expected this weekend. I’ll have my display setup under a canopy to protect stuff from the rain. I just hope it isn’t too windy…otherwise I might cut my loses and not attend.

These coasters are made from old cedar fence slats. © Ben Wurst

I'm making a table top from these salvaged spruce boards. © Ben Wurst

Salvaged 10" wide spruce boards after being surfaced planed and run through a jointer. I still need to run them through the planer a couple more times down to 1.5" thick. © Ben Wurst

Laying out the salvaged spruce boards after being run through a jointer at SRHS. Thanks to Morgan M. for the hookup & help at SRHS today! © Ben Wurst