My workshop

After finishing work on my framing studio in my house I’m now concentrating on my enhancing my workshop. It’s located in my garage and is still a work in progress. Mostly I’ve been working on installing base cabinets to use as a work bench and to hold my miter saw. Previously my work shop was quite disorganized! It’s really hard to keep things neat when I’m always bringing in new pieces of salvaged wood to work with.

Here’s an image of how things looked before cabinets were installed.

Here’s a photo of the cabinets going in.

Here are the cabinets installed along with a countertop and the recessed miter saw. I salvaged these cabinets (and a ton more were donated to Habitat for Humanity in S. Ocean County and in Cinnaminson) from a doctors office that was getting renovated. All the cabinets that were torn out got reused! They are really nice solidly built cabinets and function well in my work shop now. They provide some storage and a work bench to assemble and sand small frames.

Here is a nook for my surface planer. I’m going to build a small cart to keep it on that’ll flip it 180 degrees.

Here’s my miter saw. I built it into a space in the cabinets and plan to install a custom fence rail (that will be removable) on my countertops. A scrap bin is conveniently located under the saw.

Here is my messy wood pile. This is next on my list to organize. I ordered a wood storage rack to stack wood on the opposite wall of my work bench.


Here is my table saw. A wood storage area will go on the wall behind the table saw.

Here’s another work bench where I assemble driftwood trees.

Lastly, I store my display right inside the doors of my garage/workshop for easy loading/unloading for events.