Framing studio update

After some procrastination I’ve almost finished my home framing studio. The studio is located in a small room used as an office. Before it only housed a desktop CPU and some bookcases. Now it’s also home to my framing work. I used to finish my framing on my dining room table (before I started the business and until I got a glass chard embedded in my foot) and then in my dark and cold basement. This new space is small but it’s extremely functional. While the old space worked, the new space is much more organized! It’s made entirely from salvaged wood. The small wood storage shelf/table stand is made from salvaged cedar fence & salvaged birch plywood. The table is old plywood that came with my house. The table leg and wall studs are also salvaged pieces. The carpet was extra that was left over from a job at my parents house. A shelf made from an old cedar fence slat is installed on the wall for more storage.

I plan to build another shelving unit for the right side of the table with an extended wood table top. The size of the table is 42×42″. If I need to frame a large piece then I’ll make some changes to accommodate the larger frame (like a separate stand) to hold a side of matboard, glass, or the frame.

Time to start promoting my work! What do you think?