Etsy store spotlight – Pine stand HDR print

white pine plantation inside Bass River State Forest. Framed with salvaged cedar. © Ben Wurst

I shot this series of photos (for an HDR) after a mountain bike ride in Bass River State Forest in September 2010. The forest pictured is a white pine plantation, planted by the Civilian Conservation Corps. CCC began in the early 1930s and lasted for over 10 years. CCC employed over three million unemployed young men during the Great Depression. Men enrolled in the program planted “over three billion trees” throughout the U.S. The trees pictured were planted by these young men which means this stand is around 80 years old. Besides planting trees, they also built much of the infrastructure at Bass River SF including Lake Absegami. Check out this photo of the pavilion at the lake which was restored in 2009.

The majority of my photography is geared towards our natural environment and wildlife that inhabit it. I have a deep connection with it from when I was a Boy Scout. My love for the outdoors made me pursue a career in wildlife conservation mainly because I was seeking a job outdoors. The wildlife part came from my father, a veterinarian who never turned away an injured wildlife patient.

  • This 6×9″ print was professionally printed by
  • Framed in salvaged tongue/groove cedar, stained black
  • Available for purchase in my store on Etsy.

About the wood:

The wood used to make this frame was salvaged from a friend’s house who was remodeling and expanding his old home in Barnegat Light, NJ. I helped with the demolition by removing and salvaging a lot of the wood from the house. All of his interior walls and ceilings were tongue & groove cedar. He saved all of this wood for me and I transported it to my house in New Gretna. I removed nails, ripped, and planed the boards. Then they were cut to length, grooves were ripped and ends were joined using biscuits and wood glue.